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Lisa Brühlmann for Tempo Girl / RiffRaff. Really had no plan what to do. Random use of location. Never did something similar. Seldom use 20mm. Great example of how thing can turn out interesting when both, actor and photographer, have something similar but different in mind. Think later. Act first. 
Far East
Never got that far. Just heard that an Ad I shot for Carhartt made it all the way to Magazines in Japan. And Europe. Glad that a shot I like is appreciated by such a brand. Gladder that Igor can stretch such rock'n'rolls in slippery pipes. Thanks Iggy. Thanks Bertrand.
Florentine Krafft. German actress. Framed right before the Swiss premiere of Tempo Girl by Dominik Locher. We had 20 minutes at the lake. And right before we started the light changed dramatically. Fucking up my options. Chose to walk by the lake instead. But. With five minutes left and to my surprise, we found a corner with decent light. Took her a minute to get the idea of how I suggested her to look.
Role change
Funny. Met Dimitri Stapfer for the first time only hours before the premiere of Left Foot Right Foot in Zurich. Then watched the movie and was astonished how late I recognised him. Marvellous acting. Challenging character. Completely different appearance. Exactly how an actor should be able to switch roles. Impressed. Klick to enlarge. It's supposed to be dark.
A series of pictures about urban activities shot during last summer. Published now in via. The "SBB-Heftli". Found in almost every train running in Switzerland. Thanks Yvonne at Infel Corporate Media for giving me absolute freedom in shooting those pictures. This one right here is my favorite. Slacklines on the Lac de Bienne. The rest can be founde here.
A mail. Rike asks if I'd like to shoot a pair of HiTops. Sure. Oh. They look like candy. Marshmallows. But I need legs. Isn't there this girl on instagram?.. Message. Turns out Helen is in. Without knowing me. Even brings along a stylist.  Hello Amanda. Went all so smoothly. And three weeks ago I would have laughed at you if you told me I'd have a fashion shot in Friday Magazine. Went all so fast. Thanks girls. I think I like this way of work.
Anna Odell
Got to meet Anna Odell yesterday. Swedish performance artist. Movie maker. Complex mind. Thought provoking. Watch her movie; The Reunion. If I hadn't made peace with myself and apologized for some actions I made in school I'd be deeply ashamed of myself right now. Shot for RiffRaff.
The Blue Line
Met a most impressing person last Sunday. Valid is Palestinian. A mountain. A stronghold. And then he smiles and the world smiles with him. If you get the chance, watch Style Wars 2. He'll give you a very interesting point of view on street art. Shot for RiffRaff.
One of many shots shot the other week in Lugano. First spring day. 25°. Making of pictures for a Alice in Wonderland ripp-off-skate-movie-intro-somthing. A day full of laughter. Good friends. And akward sceneries.
A puristic approach. New advertisement. Martino Cattaneo shot for Warriors Skateboards. Few have a more natural approach. Fewer skate the way he does. Stay pure.

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